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Knee Arthroscopy In Nagpur

Knee Arthroscopy In Nagpur

Knee arthroscopy is a surgery Process that uses a small camera to look inside your knee. Small cuts are made to insert the camera and small surgical tools into your knee for the process. Knee arthroscopy is surgery that is done to check for problems, using a small camera to see inside your knee.

The camera displays pictures on a computer, and your surgeon uses these pictures to guide miniature surgical instruments.

Because the arthroscope and surgical instruments are thin, your surgeon can use a very small cut, rather than the larger incision needed for open surgery. This results in less pain and joint stiffness for patients and often shortens the time it takes to recover and return to favorite activities.


After surgery, you will be moved to the recovery room and should be able to go home within 1 or 2 hours. Be sure to have someone with you to drive you home and check on you that first evening. While recovery from knee arthroscopy is faster than recovery from traditional open knee surgery, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully after you return home.

Why do providers use knee arthroscopy?

Your healthcare provider uses knee arthroscopy to:

  • Diagnose injuries: During knee arthroscopy, your healthcare provider takes a close look at any painful or swollen areas. The camera shows images of damaged soft tissues and bones. The images help your healthcare provider diagnose injuries (or confirm a diagnosis) and plan treatment.
  • Repair injured soft tissues and bones: If you need surgery to repair tendons, ligaments or cartilage, your healthcare provider uses specially designed tools. The camera shows real-time images that guide your healthcare provider during the procedure. Your healthcare provider uses tiny tools to repair and reconstruct soft tissues by stitching them together. They can also suture (stitch) bones together.
  • Remove damaged or inflamed tissue: Some tiny tools help your healthcare provider shave off damaged bone and cartilage or inflamed tissue (such as the synovium). They use tools to remove these tissues from your knee.