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Vaccination Center In Nagpur

Vaccination Center In Nagpur

Immunization means protection. The most effective and safe way to protect children from contagious diseases is by vaccination. Vaccines are considered a breakthrough in preventive medicine. Vaccines protect your child’s health by preventing them from contracting severe contagious diseases. All routine vaccines given at Tipat Halav family care centers and at schools are free of charge.

Vaccines have helped:

  • Eradicate smallpox
  • Almost eradicate polio
  • Decrease deaths related to measles by 73%
  • Decrease cases of rubella by 97%

How Vaccines Work

Diseases that are prevented by vaccines could be dangerous or even fatal. Vaccines significantly reduce the risk for catching these diseases, by utilizing the body’s natural sources of defense in order to build up immunity to the disease. The information below explains how the body fights infection, and how vaccines act to protect a person by building up immunity to the disease.

  • Macrophages are white blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria. Macrophages leave behind particles of the invading bacteria, called “antigens”. The body identifies the antigens as dangerous, and prompts the body to attack them.
  • Antibodies attack the antigens left behind by the macrophages. Antibodies are produced by defensive white blood cells called B-cells.
  • T-cells are another type of defensive white blood cell. They attack cells of the body that have become infected.

After vaccination

  • Sometimes children have different responses after vaccinations, such as pain at the injection site or a rash. These reactions are normal .

  • Read the Vaccine Information Sheets your baby’s doctor gave you to learn about side effects your baby may experience.

  • Swaddle.

  • Offer breastmilk or formula more often. It’s normal for some babies to eat less during the 1 Day after getting vaccinated.
    Pay more attention to your baby for a some days. If you see any reaction that concerns you, call your baby’s doctor.