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Knee Replacement

Get back your active life with Painless Knee Replacement

The knee joint is the single largest and one of the most complex joints in your body.

It has the most important role in providing you with the ability to carry your body weight and move around.

The Knee Joint is made of three different bones, which are held together by various ligaments and accompanied by soft tissues, each of which has a different specific role to play

The Bones :
1 : The Femur, or the thigh bone

2 : The Tibia, or the leg bone

3 : The Patella, or the knee cap

The Ligaments provide support and maintain these bones in their native places during all kinds of activities, whereas the menisci, which are thick disc like structures present in bertween the bones act mainly as shock absorbers.

All the three bones which form the joint are further covered by a layer of tissue called as the Cartilage, which permits free and smooth movement between the bony surfaces.

Due to its pivotal role in all kinds of activities of daily living, the knee is subjected to various stresses and injuries.

Arthritis is the result of a gradual degenerative process which goes on in the joint. This gradual ‘wear and tear’ eventually erodes the smooth lining of the joint this is the CARTILAGE.

Loss of the cartilage lining leads to the bones rubbing against each other and consequently the symptoms of arthritis been to show and progress.

What do u need to do to protect your joint?

  • Regular aerobic exercises
  • Weight loss
  • Maintaining a healthy and active life-style

Our Primary aim in any arthritis is the reverse or delay the progression of the disease and preserve the native god-given joint in its original state.

Arthritis can be broadly grouped under early or advanced.

Early arthritis or the one which is just setting in can be successfully treated by one or multiple of the following modalities :

  • Rest and physiotherapy
  • Weight loss
  • Pain killers
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Joint injection therapy, and in some cases
  • Joint preservation surgeries

It is of utmost important to recognise this condition as early as possible to delay the progress

On the other hand patients with advanced arthritis usually have pain which mandates need for pain killers regularly.

Such patients usually need a surgical procedure for permanent pain relief.

Procedures which help relieve pain due to knee arthritis include:

  • Joint preservation surgeries
  • Arthroscopic or “key-hole” surgeries
  • Total knee replacement
  • Partial knee replacement

  • Do I have constant pain in my knees?
  • Have I been taking pain-killers for a long time or regularly?
  • Do I hear crackling noise from my knees?
  • Do I have swelling in my knees?
  • Do I have stiffness in my knees?
  • Do I find it difficult and painful to climb stairs or squat?
  • Do I feel my knee getting lax or giving way and unstable
  • Does my knee get locked?
  • Does my knee look deformed?
Any of the above symptoms warrant to you to get a specialist consultation as soon as possible.

With the ever growing population and changing life-styles and demands, there is and ever increasing subset of population with joint pain.

Most of these patients can be managed very successfully by conservative and joint preservation techniques.

But there’s the other group with severe or advanced arthritis which have to go for a Total joint replacement.

When you have constant unrelenting pain in your joints, associated with swelling, stiffness, difficulty in walking, climbing stairs or squatting, and some crackling noises from your knees, make it a point to schedule a visit for approapriate treatment.

With modern techniques, knee replacement no longer that painful and excruciating procedure as is thought to be.

Minimally invasive surgery, computer assissted techniques and approapriate pain management makes your journey a comfortable one.

Total knee replacement has emerged as a highly successful and beneficial surgical procedure in patients suffering from advanced arthritis of the knee joint.

In a joint replacement surgery, the damaged surfaces of the knee joint are replaced by metal prosthesis (artificial joints) generally made of cobalt-chromium alloy or titanium. Metallic prosthesis glides over a polyethylene bearing.

With the use of latest surgical techniques patients are offered a pain free, and normal range of movement enabling them to return to their routine activities

The right decision about choice of an appropriate prosthesis for a particular patient is made by the treating surgeon in consultation with the patient, best suited to the patient’s knees and demands.

With the advanced technology and surgical practices, we have been able to bring down the pain, discomfort, hospital stay and complications associated with knee replacement to a minimum.

Along with this our patients are offered

  • shorter hospital stay,
  • Painless surgery,
  • faster rehabilitation,
  • faster return to routine activities.

Most of our patients can start walking as soon as the same day of surgery and are back home around the 3rd day!!!

The ultimate goal of the surgeon is to make his patient independent, so he/ she may lead a pain-free and active life following a successful knee surgery.

We strive hard to provide the highest standards of care to all our patients in the field of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement.

What we do to give the best results to our patients ?

  • Small Incision , minimally invasive surgery
  • Pinless Navigation Technology
  • Space Suit Technology
  • Bloodless Surgery
  • Ligament Saving knee Surgery
  • Best in class, ultra long lasting knee implants to last your life
  • Ultra modern, sterile, fully equipped operating theatres
  • Well trained, experienced team of surgeons, anaesthetists, intensivists, physiotherapists, and paramedical staff

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