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Ligament Surgeon In Nagpur

Ligament Surgeon In Nagpur

Depending on what’s inflicting your pain, you will feel higher with rest, medication medication and ice. If you have got a a lot of severe injury, you will want a procedure or a surgery.

Surgeons usually use minimally invasive forms of surgery (arthroscopic surgery) to repair harm to the knee like torn tendons or ligaments. These forms of injuries will cause knee instability and pain. In cases once the harm is severe, your tending supplier could advocate knee replacement surgery.

Common ligament injuries

Almost any joint can have ligament injury. However few joints are more susceptible to these injuries. Joints which frequently suffer from ligament injuries are:

  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Lower back
  • Wrist
  • Elbow


Treatement depends on the grade of injury and the joint involved.

  • Grade I injuries are treated with rest, ice compression and analgesics.
  • Grade II injuries are treates with braces with a longer period of rest.
  • Grade III injuries are treated with absolute rest or in plaster if possible.

Some ligaments with grade II of III injuries never heal by themselves (e.g.- Anterior cruciate ligament of the knee). These ligemants require surgical intervention. Read about ACL injuries under Arthroscopy.