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About Doctor

Dr. Rubal Jain

M.D. Pediatrics
Cheif Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist
Advanced Lactation Consultant
Director and Owner of Varunam Super Specialty Hospital, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur

Young India Paediatrician and Founder of Varunam Hospital- “Celebrating Life”

🔹She was born in the small city of Bhilai, C.G. and completed her schooling from J. N Tata Parsi Girls’ High School, Nagpur. Later, she got admitted for MBBS in a small town of Wardha, Maharashtra. After completion of her masters by 2015, she had looked up for various places for her practice, finally finding satisfaction in working in Govt Medical College, Nagpur.

🔹 With aspiration of learning, she gained experience in different fields of Anesthesia & Gynaecology from Prentice Women’s Hospital, Northwestern University of Chicago.

🔹At last, Dr. Rubal’s passion guided her towards the field of Pediatrics. Her hard-work helped her finish M.D. Pediatrics with flying colours from Dr. Prabhakar Kore’s J. N. Medical College, a foundation by the esteemed university of K.L.E Belagavi, Karnataka.

🔹Being bewildered as where to settle, home-bound Dr. Rubal started working at Nelson Mother & Child Care Hospital, Nagpur. In her time there she got an opportunity to work with and learn from other private practitioner who pioneered in the field of Pediatrics in the city of Nagpur. After a struggle of 2 long years, she started her own clinic by the name “Pinnacle Pediatric Clinic” in November 2020, which specialises in Growth & Development, Newborn care, Lactation & Nursing, Immunisation along with General Pediatrics.

🔹 Dr Rubal has gained hands on experience from Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand and determined to bring the latest technology in the field of medicine to her own city of Nagpur.

🔹Always looking forward, she has also gained experience in the field of lactation and is a certified lactation counsellor.

🔹In January 2022, Dr Rubal inaugurated her own mother and child care hospital along with her husband.

🔹 Dr Rubal tells us that being a female is not easy even for doctors. Struggles from being treated as a nursing staff to losing your hands on experience to your male counter parts are very real even in a field like ours. This profession is very demanding and brings new challenges daily to a woman’s life in ways one cannot fathom.

🔹She also arranges campaign while visiting distant rural places & hospitals for the needy by keeping in mind to provide the same hospitality and feels very welcomed by seeing their smiling faces. She is a part of Nagpur’s esteemed Round Table & Ladies Circle, Fit Mom’s Group & Rotary among others.

🔹 Dr Rubal makes a strong impression by making parenting easy on her instagram account. Her personality adds a magical touch to her posts and helps you raise happy and confident kids. You’ll discover practical tips to help you build and optimise your young ones health on her page.

🔹 Apart from her busy schedule, she also spends time serving in NGOs, a soft corner specially for the disabled and the old.

🔹In her free time, she enjoys a cup of tea while looking after her pet dog and taking care of her garden, which according to her is a meditation like no other.


Speciality Services

Pediatric OPD (1 month to 18 years)

Neonatal OPD (1 day to 1 month)






Phototherapy Jaundice In Newborn

Electrocardiography (E.C.G.)
Diet advice & counselling
Lactation & breastfeeding counselling
Child growth & development

High risk baby counselling

IPD care