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Hip Replacement

Pain in Your hip joints may result from a variety of causes.
Pain can originate from the muscles which surround the hip, ligaments which support the hip joint, the bones which make up your hip joint and different pathologies which affect them.
Initially you may experience occasional mild pain, which increases on walking or sitting crossed legged Or squatting. In due course of time the pain can gradually worsen causing restriction of movement at the joint and increasing discomfort. Whether your hip has been affected by arthritis or fracture or swelling, you may find it increasing difficult to perform your routine activities including getting up from a chair, climbing stair, putting on/off your socks, and feel stiffness in your hip.
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Fractures and arthritis of the hip joint are quite common in the elderly, aging individuals, which is associated with osteoporosis.
It is therefore very important to keep a strong vigil and get prompt medical attention should the need arise.
The cause for your hip pain and severity are the main factors which dictate the further course of treatment.
A timely diagnosis and approapriate treatment is essential to get you back to your previous activities and recreation.
Medications and adequate supervised physical therapy is very helpful in the early stages. Most of the patients usually get back to their routine lifestyle and activity with timely treament.
If medications, changes in your everyday activities, and the use of walking supports do not adequately help your symptoms, you may be advised a hip replacement surgery.
Hip replacement surgery is a very safe, effective, and highly successful procedure that can relieve your pain, increase motion at the hip, and help you get back to enjoying normal, everyday activities.
Hip has a ball-and-socket type of joint, where the upper end of the thigh bone, the Femur, acts as the ball, and a cavity in the pelvic bone, the Acetabulum, acts as a socket.
This configuration allows tremendous mobility without compromising the stability of the joint.
If the joint is affected by arthritis or fracture or any other cause which demands a hip joint replacement, the diseased portion are replaced by prosthetic components.
The new hip joint relieves your pain after surgery and improves your functional activity.

What to expect after a hip joint surgery

With Modern Techniques, Implants and Medical Practices, Hip Replacement is no more a painful and difficult-to-undergo procedure.
Almost 90% of our Patients are able to walk on the same day of surgery, and hospital stay is barely for a couple of days.

After a successful hip joint replacement surgery, our team of doctors and
physiotherapists will guide you a help you achieve the best possible results and help to lead a normal life post surgery.

A special individualised recovery and rehab program is made for every patient with our physiotherapists

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