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Total Knee Replacement In Nagpur

Total Knee Replacement In Nagpur

For several weeks after the process, you might need to use a walker, so arrange for them before your surgery. Make sure you have a ride home from the hospital and help with everyday tasks, such as cooking, bathing so on. If you live alone, your Doctor or hospital staff discharge planner can suggest a temporary caretaker.

To make your home safer and easier to navigate during recovery:

  • Create a living space on one floor since climbing stairs can be difficult.
  • Install safety bars or a secure handrail in your bath and secure stairway handrails.
  • Get a stable chair with a firm seat cushion and a footstool to elevate your leg.
  • If you have a low toilet you can Arrange for a toilet-seat riser.
  • Get a stable chair for your shower.
  • Remove loose cords and rugs.

Knee Replacement

For most of the person, knee replacement provides pain relief and improved mobility for a better quality of life. Four to six weeks after surgery, you generally can resume Your daily activities.

Driving is also possible at around four weeks if you can bend your knee After recovery, you can engage in various activities, such as walking, swimming, dancing, or playing. But you should avoid higher activities such as jogging, tennis, and sports that involve jumping.

The Orthopaedic Evaluation

An evaluation with an orthopaedic surgeon consists of several components:

  • Medical history. Your orthopaedic surgeon will gather information about your general health and ask you about the extent of your knee pain and your ability to function.
  • Physical examination. This will assess knee motion, stability, strength, and overall leg alignment.
  • X-rays. These images help to determine the extent of damage and deformity in your knee.
  • Other tests. Occasionally blood tests or advanced imaging, such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, may be needed to determine the condition of the bone and soft tissues of your knee.